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Thread: Club disrespect people need to grow up.

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    Club disrespect people need to grow up.

    So had my car parked in a parking lot. When I came out someone had scraped off most of my club sticker. They did leave virgin an the hores! So I need a new sticker. that's the 3rd one. Lol guess this time ill put it on the inside of the window. I will post a pic later.

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    That pony aint no virgin, definitely been rode hard and put away wet! Sorry about someone messing with your sticker

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    Sounds like someone just being stupid at your work. Kids messing with it...I actually laughed at the image of a sticker that said "virgin horses." Sorry they messed with your ride

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    That sucks. I hope they start leaving your car alone!!!

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    Had someone try to break into it a few months ago

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    Where are you parking your car? Remind me never to go there.

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    I'm thinking park it with a camera or something on it.

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    be glad they just scraped off the sticker..... check for prints on that glass now....
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    Good thing you didnt catch them. I dont know what I would do if I caught someone with thier hands on my stang. What a complete POS.

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