Members to avoid confusion, and to be as transparent as possible, a new group has decided to branch off of the Northern Virginia Mustang Club, and create their own group, The Virginia Mustang Cruisers. This is not the first time a group has decided to branch off and form their own entity, some of those groups in the past have gone on and still remain active in the area, some have not. The NVMC has never prevented anyone from belonging to as many car clubs as they wish, and this remains to be true. Please bear with us as changes to the organization are made for the upcoming season. Plans were being made and new and exciting things were being worked on, such as a new website. However, the person developing the new website has had a change of heart, and can no longer provide what some of you may have previewed. We do understand the current website is greatly in need of an update. The new version of the hosting software of the current website is prohibitively expensive. If anyone has experience as a webmaster, please reach out to Ceece Coburn to discuss. There is a lot of planning and work that goes on, behind the scenes, to make this club great. If you are interested in becoming more involved in the club, please contact Ceece Coburn or Bill Rabe via email, let us know.

Also, although Facebook is a great resource for many, the fate of the current NVMC Facebook page is uncertain. Please do not rely on this for any OFFICIAL club information. Senior NVMC staff DO NOT have Administrator rights to this site. This site was utilized for informational purposes only, and we would like to continue to do so, in the future. We will update members once the issues with the Facebook site have been resolved. Until then, please only rely on email and the NVMC site for OFFICIAL announcements.

Moving forward, the are some new ideas in the works for this coming season, such as a format change to the meetings, basically, a table will be set up at the start of the meet with sign-in for coming to the meeting, and any sign-ups for cruises/events happening that month. Then time for everyone to check out each other’s cars, and talk (whether that be about future mods or the new 2019 GT500!!!). After that, we will have a brief group talk about the upcoming events for that month (not the whole season, that will be updated on the club calendar), then feel free to stay and enjoy dinner and discuss mustangs some more. Moreover, the Sponsorship program that the club has had in the past 17yrs has been dropped. This is in no way due to those that sponsored us, it is simply due to the difficulty in managing the sponsorship. As we grow, it will still be an option for any Business that wants to "advertise" on our website, this will not involve any nominal payment, discounted services to the NVMC for advertisement, but would ask that you make it worthwhile to our members. As a result, to our members, this means that you are welcome to discuss companies and parts etc., however, the NVMC will NOT tolerate any negative "bashing" of a company.

It is always difficult to please everyone, and the NVMC works to provide as many different events as possible to have something for everyone. Some of us are interested in showing our cars, some enjoy modifying our daily drivers, others want to race and go fast, or some just want to hang out! No matter what you prefer, we are all, currently, choosing to do that in a Mustang. We hope to see you all February 24, 2018, at 5 pm, at the Juke Box Diner in Manassas.