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    Post 2018 NVMC Season


    We are getting ready to set down and plan upcoming events for 2018, although we have thrown ideas around at the end of 2017 we are ready to set down and materialize some of the ideas. If you have any ideas, or any suggestions of what you might like to see, do in 2018 please jot them down here in this forums.

    We are looking into shows, a Drag Day, Cruises, a variety of meeting locations and day, impromptu meetings at local restaurants, night life sights, cruise ins etc.

    From the last email I sent out earlier this week I have received emails regarding ideas from members that are in leadership positions, other club opportunities, business owner with ideas they would be willing to host. This is great news, so stay tuned. There are great ideas in this club, many of the staff that develop these ideas, plan these ideas, and conduct them are greatly appreciated.

    There are many shows in the area that have "Club Participation Trophies", I hope we can put a few of these on OUR club Mantle in 2018, many of you have some very beautiful Mustangs, the love you put into them is amazing and it can be seen. Please bring them out when weather permits, and bring your lawn chairs out and hang out and meet the club.

    More will be coming, we will have a meeting in the next 4 weeks, probably in Feb, so stay tuned, ask questions here, I assure you they will be read, and evaluated and implemented if they can be in some format. So please let us know what you would like to see and do.

    Ceece Coburn
    Club President
    Northern Virginia Mustang Club Inc.

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    I might try and schedule another trip up to White Post Restorations in September. We did this run in 2016 and it was a lot of fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 69originalowner View Post
    I might try and schedule another trip up to White Post Restorations in September. We did this run in 2016 and it was a lot of fun.
    Oh, yes I want to attend this in 2018 a Sir .

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    What about a day at Summit Point? We could do a Hooked on Driving event so we dont have to worry about arranging the track for us alone. Bruce Anderson and I did it last June and had a great time. If it's your first time you do classroom instruction first then hit the track with an experienced driver with you. They usually do a car show along with the track day so members could come and participate in the car show and ride as a passenger with a more experienced driver on the track to have the Experience of going around a race track at high speed.

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    Working on that now, as my former Lieutenant now is an Instructor at Summit Point. We are going to try to work out something. We have a few that have raced out there , as I understand it you must be trained in certain preliminary structured training periods prior to running full speed out there??

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    I've been to Summit Point a couple of times. It's a great track and the experience is definitely loads of fun.
    Because Coyote!

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    I enjoy the cruises, and would like to do them more regularly. Would also like to see us doing a few car shows as a club and going for the participation trophy. More activities such as the Railroad Cruise would be nice. It would also be nice to have a picnic in the summer and perhaps a club holiday party. It might also be neat to get together with the Corvette club or other car clubs to do things with them. Another idea might be to invite vendors such as detailing shops to come to our meetings and give demos of some sort. A club-sponsored car show to raise money for a worthy cause would be fun. A club trip to Mustang Week or to the "soon to be opened" Mustang Museum might be cool as would a group trip to Carlisle. I think we really need to schedule and plan these events as far in advance as possible to encourage maximum participation. Of course, I'd like to see us continue to do the 4th of July, Ride of the Patriots, and Manassas Veterans' Day parades as well as the Toys 4 Tots Cruise.

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    Scoot, I could not agree more. I hope we all have our Calendars at the planning meeting in the 10th of Fed, and get this stuff hammered out. 😁

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