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Thread: Finally Made it over to Great Falls "Cars and Coffee"

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    Finally Made it over to Great Falls "Cars and Coffee"

    Even though I was late and only saw most of the sweet cars going the other direction, I'm glad I swung by and look forward to getting the Shelby over there again soon. I met a couple nice fellows who enjoyed my car and can't wait to see the plethora of "hot cars" that has made this 6Am - 9AM get-together at Kate's Coffee right on Rte 193 in Great Falls such a legend!


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    It's a legend for other reasons at times, too.

    Glad to hear it's getting a revitalization.

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    Most of the cars left early to go to another car show (DC Exotics) held at Lamborghini of Washington in Dulles. That one happens once every other month, I believe.

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