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    New Guy Introduction

    I have had a 2001 GT covt for some time and lurked a little around this and other forums. A couple weeks ago my 2001 dropped its coolant and the gauges never showed it overheating or a change in oil pressure all the way up to the point it stopped running. I had seen a little steam so checked under the hood and saw nothing around radiator or pump so assumed it was a small leak of something dripping on manifold/exhaust and was driving to shop to get it checked out(watching gauges the whole way) when it just died. The cost to fix was just to much. So in an effort to smooth over my sadness of losing my GT convertible and overcoming the embarrassment of someone, who literally grew up in a garage, burned up his beloved car, I did the only thing I could do. I bought a extreme low milage 2012 Convertible Mustang Shelby GT500 w/ SVT package. So now I thought I needed to come out of the shadows and share my new found joy . I split my time between Sterling /Ashburn (work) and Fredericksburg (home), so will not be able to attend many weekend events, but do want to hit a few so I can meet like minded car people who share my passion for fast cars and wind in your face (I have a passion for motorcycles as well ).

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    Welcome. Beautiful car you have there. Sorry to hear about the '01, but you have a really nice one here to enjoy. Since we meet at the Juke Box Diner across from the Prince William Hospital every other Saturday evening at 5, you'll have to drop by with your new ride and introduce yourself to everyone. Not all that far from Fredericksburg, so drop the top and come on by!

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    Welcome! Be sure to check out our Facebook page, if you haven't already.

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    Welcome to the NVMC. Beautiful ride! Hope to see you at one of our meeting or events.

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