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Thread: Graves Mountain Lodge National Mustang Day Cruise

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    Graves Mountain Lodge National Mustang Day Cruise

    Here is the brochure for the Graves Mountain Lodge National Mustang Day Cruise on April 17th. So that we can make reservations for lunch, please let either Ken Guillam or me know if you plan to attend. You can add to this post or comment on the Facebook Page.

    National Mustang Day Cruise-page-001 (1).jpg


    Here is the list I have as of 4/:

    Scott & Teresa Becker​
    Judy and Ken Guilliams
    Fernando Avila​ +1
    Kimberly Dunmire​
    Richard Florence​
    Christine Tocarchick​ & Tom Bradley
    Cole Howell +1
    Kathleen and Bob Lynch
    Michael Crierie​ +1
    David Ozohday​ +1
    Jesse Victory​ +2
    Monica & Dan
    Devandra Waghray​
    Barb & William Rabe​
    Anthony Chase Sucher​ +1
    Cyril & Amy Coburn
    Jason Windau +1.5

    All, try to arrive at the Target by 10:15 so we can have the driver's meeting and leave at 10:30. If you are running late, call my cell (703) 980-6079. If you plan on meeting us along the way, let me know where so we can look for you.

    Also, don't forget to have enough gas for the whole trip!
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