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Forum Rules

The online forum and website for the NVMC is a great way to exchange information, learn about events and activities, and communicate with fellow members. We greatly encourage members to participate in online discussions and use all of the website features. However, that doesn’t mean the forums are without a few rules and guidelines.

The Rules and Guidelines for the club are listed on this page and are accessible to anyone. We understand that, as with any forum, the NVMC forums can be an open ground for a variety of topics and content. We try not to be heavy-handed in our control of the chaos, but in order to keep things safe and relatively clean, we must be strict about the rules we impose. That said, the NVMC staff is frequently on the forums and website, and will not hesitate to reprimand users, delete posts, move posts, censor content, remove content, suspend or ban users, and so forth. The NVMC staff is always required to provide explanation for their activities in the forum and website. If you have been the target of administrative action, please look for a note or post in the forum, a Private Message, or an email, explaining the fault and situation. You are always welcome to question an administrative action, but the rulings of the NVMC staff are often final, especially when there has been a blatant violation of a rule.



  1. No profanity or sexual language on the forum. The NVMC is a family-oriented club. Therefore we respectfully request that members keep their discussions and outbursts at levels appropriately controlled. It’s okay to have a little fun with the euphemisms, but try to keep things civil and clean. Do not attempt to bypass the forum filters or “sneak” profanity past by inserting special characters or using phonetic spellings (i.e. – phat vs fat).
  1. No racist, sexist, or discriminatory posts on the forums. Insults and/or personal attacks will not be tolerated.

3.      The NVMC will not get involved in or host, any law, anti-law, or political petitions. The forum is not a venue for questioning, attacking, or complaining about the law(s) be they federal, state, or local.

  1. No spamming. Multiple posts for the same topic across multiple sections of the forum are not allowed if it starts to become confusing. Pick a thread topic and stay there.

5.      The creation of alternate or secondary accounts is not permitted.

  1. The NVMC forum cannot be used for the sale, trade or exchange of regulated items.
  2. Firearms: As a private club we reserve the right to respectfully request that members and guests attending our events keep firearms out of sight, in their vehicles, and preferably at-home. We have to work very hard to fight off the conceptions of “car gangs” and such. When new members come, especially with families, and they see members walking around with guns on their hips, etc, it can send the wrong message. We hope people can understand this concern. Like it or not, agree with it or not, the words of one concerned citizen travels fast and gets distorted fast, just like any rumor. We’d rather not have any more opportunities to be misinterpreted than we already have.
  3. If you have an issue with something, bring it up to the NVMC staff. We won’t tolerate people bending the rules, testing what’s allowed and what isn’t, or trying to provoke reactions by blatantly breaking the rules. Do not post things that you know will get deleted, simply to cause problems. This is seen as a conscious attempt to break the rules, create problems and at the least generates spam. Members who practice this sort of thing will quickly find their accounts suspended or banned. If you have an objection to something that the NVMC staff has done, such as deleted your post or moved it, please bring it to the attention of the NVMC staff through a PM or email. DO NOT repeat the post or ask why the action was done in the thread of the forum. Often times there are reasons why something has been changed, just ask!

Supporter posting

i.            Our sponsors are more than welcome to post threads to promote specials, show off their latest work, or news about an upcoming event they’re hosting. Please leave these topics to our sponsors, though. This avoids confusion and false-statements.

ii.            Handle any supporter issues between the supporter and the NVMC staff.

Non-Supporter Posting

i.            While the NVMC does not mandate that any member go to a specific shop or vendor, we are supported by a number of reputable shops and vendors, and as part of our agreement with them, we promise promotion of club supporters. Therefore we will recommend shops and vendors that are supporters, but also attempt to maintain that they have exclusive promotion. Non-supporter shops and vendors are not allowed to promote in the forums, but are welcome to join and be involved in topics on the NVMC forums.

ii.            We do not allow members to post advertisements or promotions for non-supporters on the forums.

iii.            If you have a recommendation to another member for a non-supporter shop or venue, please suggest this in a PM or email.

iv.            Some supporters have affiliate partners and or subcontractors that do work for them. While the primary supporter is allowed to post, we do not have an agreement with the affiliate partner and therefore they are not allowed to post, and members and supporters are not allowed to promote them.

v.            Supporters are allowed to mention their affiliate shops in their own posts as part of promoting their own services (i.e. – “Our shop is now a vendor for JLT intakes!”) however JLT cannot post their own threads, and supporters simply can’t act as a proxy for advertisements that are direct from a non-supporter.

vi.            Global brands and manufacturing companies that are non-supporters are permitted to be mentioned on the forums as long as it is not in a manner that is undermining the business of one of our supporters. If a post is questionable the moderation staff does reserve the right to remove this post.

vii.            If you are a non-supporter or have had work done by a non-supporter, and you want to see about making them a supporter, please contact the NVMC staff.

viii.            Remember, this is a private forum, not a public forum. We rely on our sponsorships to keep things going. While the topic is not always cut-n-dry, please be mindful that we cannot allow the advertisement or promotion of non-supporters, when we are being supporting by paying sponsors.


  1. Please do not post complaints/errors/bugs concerning the website or forum functionality in the general sections of the forum.
  2. Please keep posts on topic, if not they will be moved.
  3. Please avoid posting things which destroy the formatting/layout of the forum.
    1. Posting very large images and such. As a rule of thumb, try to keep images posted in threads to under 600px wide. If your pictures are larger, post a link instead or use the forum tools to link to images hosted in the gallery or other sites (Flickr, ShutterBug, etc). The NVMC forum supports many kinds of forum-code sets which allow linking and embedding content into threads.
    2. If you are posting your own images, a better method would be to post a link to your images from an image hosting site. We highly recommend, which has the ability to integrate into our forums, giving viewers a much better experience when looking at your images.
  1. Please keep forum signatures within the guidelines.
    1. The signature guidelines will appear in a separate section of the forum.
    2. We ask that signatures be kept within the limits in order to keep the forums easy to read, avoid altering layouts, and cut down on unnecessary bandwidth.
    3. If we see a signature that’s out of line, we’ll first PM the member to correct the problem. If the member fails to comply after a second warning, the signature will be removed. We hate to be heavy-handed like this, but we do try to make every available compromise.


Membership in the Northern Virginia Mustang Club is a privilege and a responsibility. Members should behave in a manner that reflects well upon the values and rules of the club, and the club as a whole, even when not at a club sponsored event. As a privilege, like any other privilege it can be revoked or denied. If it comes to the attention of the NVMC Staff that any member, including staff, is behaving in a manner that is detrimental to the club, its membership or standing in community, be it public or private, then the Executive officers of the club reserve the right to revoke or deny membership in the club, in order to protect the club and its general membership. These matters are not taken lightly and are reviewed on a case by case basis. All attempts will be made to resolve matters prior to revocation of membership. Be aware that the NVMC regards violations of Federal, State and/or Local Laws as very serious matters, and reserves the right to immediately suspend or revoke membership, in order to protect the NVMC club and its standing in the community.

Please be mindful that NVMC club members are ambassadors of the club wherever they go. We hope everyone will make all efforts to have fun and safe interactions with the community and always be mindful of how their actions reflect upon the club.

These rules and guidelines are subject to change as needs and issues evolve.



If you agree to comply with the above mentioned rules and guidelines and wish to become a member of the NVMC, please check the box below.