• Gettysburg Cruise with MCOM - April 28th 2013

    Mark your calendars! MCOM will be doing a leisurely cruise to Gettysburg, PA from MD on Sunday 28 April, and NVMC is invited to join in the fun!
    (This is a rain or shine event!)

    From MCOM:

    We will meet in the Belk's parking lot Near Westminster along State Route 140/97 at 8 AM and follow into the town of Gettysburg.

    This is the 150th Anniversary of the Battle - July 1-3, 1863.

    Those who went last year (we had 30+ cars) had a great time and we all learned something! This year there will be some new stops and stories.

    We'll trace the steps of the soldiers as this epic battle unfolded during July 1-3, 1863.

    Back in the day, I was an official Park Service tour guide and will take you to some of the coolest places on the battlefield with personal stories of the soldiers who fought there.

    We'll find the now hidden hand dug trenches on Culp's Hill, where Marylander fought Marylander during the bloodiest fighting of the battle.

    We'll walk through different sites and learn battle trivia, trivia about the monuments, and other totally useless, but interesting facts...and we'll take a break for lunch.

    We'll stand in the woods where Longstreet commanded Pickett's Division and ordered nearly 200 artillery pieces to open fire on the Union line...and then ordered nearly 13,000 Confederate soldiers to march nearly 1 mile across open ground. Many never returned. Then we'll stand at their objective, a small clump of trees now known as the High Water Mark of the Confederacy. The spot where the South came the closest that it would ever come to independence from the North.

    We'll stand on the spot where President Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address, as a secondary guest and an afterthought.

    This is truly Hallowed ground where over 170,000 men fought and over 50,000 men were killed, wounded, or went missing in the three days of battle, and General Lee lost nearly a third of his officers. Remarkably, only one civilian was killed. Gettysburg was the decisive battle of the Civil War and it is in our back yard.

    On the same day that Lee was defeated at Gettysburg, the town of Vicksburg Mississippi fell and the Confederacy was mortally wounded, but continued the fight for two more bloody years. This is a good chance to discover local history during the years of the 150th anniversary of the war and honor the men who shaped our country.

    It will be a full day with more details to come. Should be a blast! All cars are welcome.
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