• 4th Annual Crab Cake Cruise

    4th Annual Crab Cake Cruise May 4, 2013

    Thats right folks we've come up with a date for our Annual Crab Cake Cruise down to Solomon's Island MD. As always we will be leaving from the parking lot at Expo and cruising down as a group to Solomon's Island for some of the best crab cakes known to exist. Diner is Stoney's Kingfisher. Route is being worked on currently and we're hoping to have Maryland Patriots and Mustang Club of Maryland(MCOM) joining up with us as well. We've done this run for three or four of the last 5 years and its always a great time as some of the folks who have been on it will testify. All vehicles welcome and this is a FAMILY event.

    PLEASE NOTE: This thread is for organization and discussion of the Crab Cake Cruise and is subject to Edits and removal of off subject threads as to help the staff keep a list of people participating. Please understand that off subject posts may be removed or moved to another thread in the Cafe(Example). Thanks for your understanding.

    Route and Timing will be posted in coming weeks.
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    I've been to Summit Point a couple of times. It's a great track and the experience is definitely loads of fun.

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    MustangRC 01-17-2018, 11:19 PM Go to last post

    Working on that now, as my former Lieutenant now is an Instructor at Summit Point. We are going to try to work out something. We have a few that have

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    JudgeDredd 01-17-2018, 10:23 AM Go to last post

    What about a day at Summit Point? We could do a Hooked on Driving event so we dont have to worry about arranging the track for us alone. Bruce Anderson

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    68stang 01-17-2018, 09:44 AM Go to last post

    Oh, yes I want to attend this in 2018 a Sir .

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    JudgeDredd 01-17-2018, 07:27 AM Go to last post

    I might try and schedule another trip up to White Post Restorations in September. We did this run in 2016 and it was a lot of fun.

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    69originalowner 01-17-2018, 07:26 AM Go to last post