• How-To: Post to Forum

    This how-to briefly covers the steps to posting a new thread to the NVMC Forum. Consequently it also covers how to reply to a thread, since most of the steps are the same. So that's two how-to's for one, booyeah...!

    Once you get to the section of the Forum that you want to post in, simply click on the Post New Thread button.

    The Forum will take you to a new post form. I'll go down each part from top to bottom...er, I mean, I'll start at the top and work my way...uh, we'll start at the head's and finish at the exhaust...grrr...


    At the top you'll see your main navigation links for the Forum section, also known as the "breadcrumb" because it shows where you are in relation to where you started. For instance, in the above screenshot you can see that I'm posting a new thread in the Mustang Cafe section, which is in the Off Topic section of the Forum.

    Next you see a text-box for your title. Put a descriptive title into this box so people browsing the forum know what this thread is about.

    Now we get to the real controls (and that big text-box). Obviously your message goes in the big text-box, but what are those buttons all for?

    These two buttons control how you view what you're typing in the new-post window. The left button switches you from WYSIWYG mode to Source mode.

    WYSIWYG mode (an acronym for What You See Is What You Get) is what you're probably most familiar with. Basically what you type and such is how it will appear when you post your thread.

    Source mode turns off all the formatting and shows you all the BB-code tags and such. Essentially a code-view for the post. Your thread won't show any of the BB-code tags (unless they're messed up) when you save your post. Some people who know what they're doing like to work in Source mode because they can simply type the tags they want to use.

    The other button next to the WYSIWYG/Source button is the Clear Format button. It basically clears all formatting (BB-code, colors, etc) from whatever text you have selected.

    The next two buttons are useful for pasting data into the text-box. You can always use your standard keyboard past functions (such as ctrl+v) but sometimes this doesn't work right because the source (where you copied from) is throwing extra hidden characters into the mix. These two buttons can help save you some frustration.

    Post as plain text: Clicking this button will past whatever you have copied as plain-text. In other words it will paste what you have copied without trying to format any code or carry over anything but text characters.

    Paste from Word: Click the second button if you are pasting from Microsoft Word or a Microsoft Office application. Office sometimes puts in hidden formatting that the Forum can re-code to work in your post so you don't lose all of your formatting.

    The next set of buttons you are probably already familiar with from working in other word-processing applications or previous forums. Selecting text and clicking these buttons will alter the formatting of the selection. For example, selecting some text in your post and clicking the B button will make that text bold.

    Skipping the Smilie button...I think we've all been exposed to that thing...

    I will cover this button in its own section, as there is new functionality for posting attachments, images and videos.

    Click this button to run the spell-checker.
    Keep in mind that while this will help you avoid misspelling a word, it will not ensure you have the right word. Please give your posts a quick re-read before posting to help avoid putting in 'toe' instead of 'tow' or 'there' instead of 'their'.

    Two link buttons are available for making text in your posts a hyperlink.

    Link: The first button is the Link button. It allows you to make both hyperlinks and email links.

    To make a hyperlink, simply select the text you want to turn into a link, then click the Link button.
    Make sure the Link Type and Protocol choices are correct. If making a plain hyperlink to another web page, choose URL for the Link Type. (Most links can be set to http:// for their Protocol.)

    If you want to make a link that connects to an email address instead of a website, choose E-mail from the Link Type drop-down. Then enter the email address.

    Unlink: The second button is the Unlink button, and as its name suggest it removes the hyperlink from whatever you have selected.

    I will cover these buttons in their own section, as there is new functionality for posting attachments, images and videos.

    These three buttons control how the Forum interprets your text. By selecting some text and clicking one of these buttons, you will put a "wrapper" around the text that changes the way the text shows up in the final post.

    Our new Forum allows users to create HTML tables to structure their post data. Use these buttons to create a table and then add rows, sort, etc. Hover your cusor over each button to see what they do. I believe these are self-explanatory to anyone who has used a spreadsheet or HTML table before. If not, feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll explain it.

    Click this button to insert a line into your post. That's exactly what I've been doing in this very Article, so behold the awesomeness of the line...

    The last button I'll cover in here is the Map button. This button allows you to link a Google Map into your post. Simply type an address, select your address and click the Map button. That's all you need to do. The Forum will then reach out to Google, find the address on the map, and past in a functional widget with a map and pointer to your selected address. This is great for when you want to organize gatherings or point out locations.

    You can choose a post icon for your thread. This shows up as a little icon next to the title of your thread in the Forum.

    When you're done creating your post, click Submit New Thread (or post). Optionally you can click Preview Post to see what your thread will look like before it gets saved to the Forum.

    And that's all there is too it!

    For information on inserting images/videos, etc, please look here.
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