• Front Page Tour

    We thought it might be useful for members to have a tour of the front page to help with understanding the things they will see when visiting the site. Some of the functionality that existed on previous sites is still around (such as the forum). Other features are brand new, including Articles, Blogs, and some tools to help you stay on top of things.

    In the future as we add more content, this page will update to reflect any new features that appear on the front page.

    First, at the top of the front page is the main menus and login section.

    This top section follows you through the whole site, no matter what section you're in, and provides you with both a set of main links, search tool, and a list of section links depending on the area of the site you are in.

    The four main links (Home, Forum, Blogs, What's New?) are your primary navigation links and take you to different sections of the website's overall areas.

    Home - Returns you to this front page.
    Forum - Takes you to the NVMC Forum.
    Blogs - Takes you to your Blog (and from there, other people's blogs).
    What's New? - Shows you anything new since your last visit, including new posts on the forum, new blog entries, news, etc.

    On the opposite side you'll see the Searching tools. The search box lets you search the whole site, while the link under it (Advanced Search) takes you to the Advanced Searching page for more granular searching controls.

    At the top-right is the login area.

    Under the four main links you'll see a series of smaller links. These change depending on the section of the site that you are viewing. If you see a small down-arrow next to one of these, it means clicking on this link will expand a menu of choices.

    Now for the main section of the front page.

    On the front page you'll see several objects or "widgets" which provide you with various kinds of information or navigation tools. Just like previous club sites, this site is divided into three column sections on the front page, with the center column showing main content. Unlike previous club sites, this center column is not the only source for providing you with information about upcoming events, news, etc. This section will instead be used for providing the most club news, while many topics (such as upcoming racing events, shows, etc) will be provided in their own sections.

    If you look on the left you'll see a widget displaying several sections:

    This is your main navigation to the various sections of the front page, and will be used for dividing content among the subjects you see linked. For example, news and Articles relating to Shows (car shows, cookouts, etc) will be found by clicking on the Shows link.

    Another example, clicking on the About NVMC link will take you to a section with Articles about the club, including the club rules.

    Note: Anytime you see a Read More link below something, it means the website is only showing you part of the content available. Click on the Read More link to go to the full content.

    On the right-side of the front page you'll see a couple widgets for more information.

    First is the list of NVMC Sponsors, showing a rotating list of our club's various sponsor companies and organizations.

    The next set of widgets you might see on the right-hand side are for showing you the latest content from the Forum, as well as any comments made for Articles and Blog posts. Depending on what is new, these widgets may or may not be visible to you all the time.

    And there you have it!

    As always, if you have any questions/comments about this, or any section of the website, please post to the Website Discussion Forum section, or email us at info@northernvirginiamustangclub.com


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