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    by Published on 06-01-2015 09:14 AM


    We've implemented the tapatalk plugin for the NVMC forum!

    Now when you go to the site on a mobile device, you should get a notice to get the tapatalk app (free, no ads). With the tapatalk app you can browse the forums, see what's new, and post pictures easily! We hope users find this to be a useful tool, as several already have. A detailed guide on how to use tapatalk with the NVMC forum will be written later. For now, since tapatalk is a universal tool, you can find out how to use it from Google. Enjoy!

    Just a friendly reminder: If you did not register to the new website, your account does not exist. None of the users from the old website were transitioned to the new website. If you have not logged-in since we moved to the new website, you will need to register a new user account.