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10-23-2013, 11:37
My stepdaughter has put her 2010 GT up for sale. The GT has a Rebuilt Title, and there have been calls by individuals wanting to look at it. This usually comes with a request to take it for a ride.

I have never had to sell a vehicle outright so does anyone have any advice in regards to such a request? A request for a test drive isn't unreasonable, especially in these circumstances. However, my concern is by allowing the person to perform the test drive, what is the liability should they have an accident? Should they be allowed to drive the car or should we drive it and take them for a ride. Should we ask to see a DL? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Chris

Great White
10-23-2013, 12:47

If you are concerned that a potential buyer may want to just joy ride the car (I would be) vs seriously purchase, I would simply go with them on the test drive allowing them to drive. this will avoid them abusing the car, and if they don't like the idea of you coming along for their test drive then they may have had bad intentions to begin with.

The other issue is the title, may be difficult for the buyer to insure & register. So be honest to the potential buyer, also if you sell, get copy signed bill of sale.

Hope this helps


10-23-2013, 13:22
I would allow it ONLY with me as the passenger, and it would be understood "No rough housing it", typical driving conduct, maybe merging on an interstate to see the operation of the trans, or automatic shifting, starting & stopping to check the brakes and checking the general operation of the vehicle. You have paid the insurance on the vehicle, you make the test drive rules. Just my opinion.

10-23-2013, 13:42
I have only done 1 private sale and I never considered letting them take the car out without me. I made a copy of their DL and had them sign a paper saying they would be held responsible for any damage done to the car while they were driving. Not sure if that piece of paper would have held up if something went wrong. However it does have an affect on their mindset while behind the wheel.

They bought the car.

10-23-2013, 16:06
Thanks all for your advice, very much appreciated.

Yes, in the sale ad the fact that it is a Rebuilt Title is listed - the Vehicle is also listed at almost 10K below market price. She was not given the same courtesy and found this out when she went to DMV to do the title work, so we don't want anyone to experience the same thing. Daughter learned hard lesson about paying for Carfax. She didn't want to spend the money since the seller showed her one. A fraudulent one.

The DMV provides a Disclosure Form for Rebuilt Title. Oh, and a bill of sale form.

Oh yeah, always riding shotgun during the test drive - of course. But good point about signing a waiver. While I too am not sure of how it would hold up - impressions count. Drafted one for the "test drivers" to sign.

Great tips - thanks