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    On behalf of the Northern Virginia Mustang Club, we would like to wish you a safe and wonderful 4th of July Celebration.

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    We've implemented the tapatalk plugin for the NVMC forum!

    Now when you go to the site on a mobile device, you should get a notice to get the tapatalk app (free, no ads). With the tapatalk app you can browse the forums, see what's new, and post pictures easily! We hope users find this to be a useful tool, as several already have. A detailed guide on how to use tapatalk with the NVMC forum will be written later. For now, since tapatalk is a universal tool, you can find out how to use it from Google. Enjoy!
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    2015 Fairfax City 4th of July Parade

    2014 Carmada in Action !!

    This event is for Hard Top & Convertible Owners

    2015 Web Link

    OK Members,
    As you know for the last few years the Convertibles were only allowed to participate in the 4th of July Parade in Fairfax City and no Hardtops.

    Well we have been chosen again to put our beautiful Mustang "Hardtops" & Convertibles (Prestigious VIP transport) in the Fairfax City 4th of July Parade this year, which falls on a Saturday this year.

    So we are accepting entrants from the club and the spots will be filled. To be considered please sent Ceece (Enforcir@gmail.com) and E-Mail with the listed information;

    1) Full Name
    2) T-Shirt Size
    3) Contact Cell #
    4) Make Model and Year of Mustang
    5) Convertible or Hard Top Mustang
    6) Carmada (Hardtops) or "VIP" Transport (Convertibles Only)

    The Coupe "Carmada" is a fun time, it will advertise the Club. This will be out 3rd Club entry in this parade, so wear all the club swag you might have. We will have American Flags & a NVMC Custom Logo Antenna Flags for ALL participants.

    Bill Rabe will be the contact for the "VIP Convertibles Entries", as the convertibles will be transporting a VIP during the parade route.

    Contact Ceece regarding the "Carmada" entries, there are ONLY 20 spots available for this so don't delay.

    So lets get those entrants in if you would like to be considered and you will be notified if you are picked. These spots are limited so get your request to participate in fast. Trust me it is a BLAST.

    If we cannot fill the "Carmada" list with Hardtops it will be back filled with Convertibles, do we have anyone interested in this wonderful event ? !!!!!! Lets show OUR Pride !!!!
    We are in Division IV in 2015

    Virginia Mustang Club Rules !!!
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    Members, available NOW, the NEW Northern Virginia Mustang Club Decal for your Beautiful Mustang. We have them in stock and are ready to purchase at ALL NVMC Events.

    Marc Marriott & friend, and I have been working on this project, thank you Marc for your tenacity on this wonderful project.

    This decal will look wonderful on your "Steed" it is 4" x 4" and is in four colors and a circle design with a white background as you can see.
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    We want to announce the newest Club Supporter/Sponsor of the Northern Virginia Mustang Club. We have been in contact with Mr. Glen Myers (Parts Manager) of Ted Britt Ford (Chantilly) and Ms. Michele Trankovich, Director of Marketing (Fairfax) to work out this wonderful partnership. This partnership was blessed by Mr. Britt himself I was told.